Bookmarks with a Twist

By P. Todd Decker

Do you use multiple browsers, multiple computers, and multiple ‘smart’ devices and want to have a directory of web sites common to them all without depending upon a particular vendor?

Do you ever use a friend’s computer, work computer , or ‘cyber cafe’ kiosk and want access to the same list?

Do friends ever ask, “Do you know of any good websites about topic X?” to which you would like to easily be able to respond without headaches, retyping, mailing, etc.?

If any of these occur, then a ‘social bookmarking‘ tool might something to add to your online toolkit.

I have been using Pinboard for several months now. You can fairly easily import all your existing bookmarks from your browsers to seed your directory. After doing so, I cleared them out and replaced them with a simple link to Pinboard. I then installed the tagging tools to my bookmark bars and have slowly been cleaning them up (proper tagging and fixing dead URLs). I like Pinboard because it is still relatively non-commercial, gets the work done, and has a fairly clean interface. It also allows you to mark entries and tags as private. I use a private tag of “.reverify” to track the links I need to check.

You can access my Pinboard using the link in the Resources section of this site.

P. Todd