Raspberry Pi Alive and Kicking

Raspberry Pi

By P. Todd Decker

With only about 20 minutes of work, once I had the right supporting peripherals, I was able to get my Raspberry Pi up and running. Amazing little computer that I will be using as a master controller for Ashley’s continued quadrotor robotics experiments (resources) and a controller for my aquaponics garden (resources)

I’m using the Occidentalis v0.2 Linux distribution from Adafruit with a Ourlink 802.11n USB wireless adapter, Belkin powered 4-port USB hub, MC SAite mini keyboard, an old wireless mouse from Embarq marketing days, and a cheap 19″ HDMI Sansui monitor from Walmart.

Adafruit provides step-by-step tutorials that couldn’t make it any easier to get started.

P. Todd

Update: 4:03pm

With just a little more work, you can also set up the Raspberry Pi so that you can (once configured) drop the direct attached monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Then just use your primary desktop to access it remotely with both a graphical interface (via VNC), terminal (standard SSH), and file sharing (Mac Finder).

Screen Shot 2013-01-26 at 3.55.24 PM