Fifteen Minutes

Virgin Mobile wrote a complementary article about the work my team and I are undertaking to launch our new web platform. Thanks to the extraordinary work of the team, we have nearly completed the task of re-designing our web presence and migrating the old site to our new platform.

Initially, this was an internal article but our Director of Communications worked with the Virgin Group team resulting in the article being posted to Richard Branson’s LinkedIn and Twitter feeds. Apparently Sir Branson has the highest number of followers on LinkedIn (13.6 million) and a good number on Twitter (12.2 million). So, needless to say, views of my profiles on these two social networks “exploded.” Even thought my numbers are minuscule, my average of 9 views per week on LinkedIn jumped to 68 (656%) and Twitter moved up to 359 visits (up 1,182% — a number reflective of how low my Twitter feed is normally). Twitter would probably have been greater, but the article unfortunately posted a wrong handle for my account.

So, I’ve had one more fifteen minutes of fame. The other was a major newspaper, I forget which, publication of an article about folks who hot rod their cell phones. I thought I would post the article here for the record.

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